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Mod Comm for Vegetarian and Nice_Vegetarian

Mod Comm for Vegetarian and Nice_Vegetarian
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Anybody , Moderated
Mod Comm for Vegetarian and Nice_Vegetarian
This is the moderation community for both vegetarian and nice_vegetarian. All information regarding the communities' upkeep, including new information, rule changes, warnings/bannings, and so forth will be kept here. Please post with any questions or concerns you may have for either community!

By community default, all posts to this community are moderated, and all comments are screened. Please add this community to your watch list for any important changes or discussions.

If you are a member of vegetarian or nice_vegetarian and you are posting here with a question, we would prefer it if your post was unlocked. This is not a requirement, simply a preference. If your post is referenced in the future and it is locked, it will be requested that you unlock your post so other members may view it.