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Application for new owners and moderators of vegetarian and nice_vegetarian!

Hey, everyone!

I'm so glad to see the camaraderie, community, delicious tips and recipes, and general friendliness going on in both vegetarian and nice_vegetarian... which is why it makes me sad to say that I'm stepping down from my moderator/ownership positions in both communities. Life offline has just been picking up faster than I can handle, so I need people to take over and do the grunt work. :)

Here's how it's gonna work:

Below is an application for ownership/moderatorship. In the subject line of your comment, please indicate which community and what position you'd like (i.e. "nice_vegetarian, moderator"). (If you have no preference, "Any, Any".) In the body of your comment, paste and fill out the application.

You may vote on anyone's application once it has been posted. To do so, simply reply to that person's comment and let us know why you recommend them for the community/position. Protip: While helpful for determining an owner/moderator, it will not be the main factor in the final decision.

  • This application will be available through 1 December 2011 at approximately 12:00pm Eastern Time (the "End Time"), when comments to this application will be closed. All submissions should be received no later than the End Time. Any submissions received after the End Time will not be counted.
  • Potential new owners/moderators ("Potentials") for each community will be selected on 10 December 2011, and will be notified on that date by private message from the current acting owner for each community. Potentials shall respond within ten days from date of notification, 20 December 2011, to accept the position offered. Should no answer of acceptance be received by any Potentials before that time, or should any Potentials refuse to accept such position, the position will be offered to an alternate, who will have ten days from date of notification, 30 December 2011, to accept the position offered. New owners/moderators will not be assigned to any post until the end of the final notification period. Any position not filled by 30 December 2011 will be forfeited.
  • At the End Time, each community will have one (1) owner and three (3) moderators. Exceptions apply only when positions are unfilled due to any circumstance(s) in the above paragraph.
  • Of these new owners/moderators, an owner from one community will be chosen at random as owner of vegetarianmods. All other new owners/moderators will be moderators of vegetarianmods. Same rules that apply to Potentials as above also apply to the selection of a new owner and new moderators for vegetarianmods.
  • Before selection, Potentials will be vetted according to the current owner's standards. While these standards are not rigorous, they include but are not limited to: Past, present, and potential future involvement in any drama surrounding either community; negative feedback from voters; current involvement in snark communities; etc.
  • The owner of each community will be vegetarian, be that person ovo, lacto, or any combination thereof. The moderator(s) of each community will be a combination of vegetarians and vegans. Omnivores of all stripes, while encouraged to apply, should understand that they may not be selected based on being such.
  • Current owner/moderator reserves the right to select new owners/moderators in all communities at her own discretion. Current owner/moderator reserves the right to alter, modify, cancel, suspend, or otherwise change the application, its process, its method, and any other aspect of the application. All such rights will be exercised in a manner consistent with LiveJournal's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and will be exercised with a certain amount of discretion.

Any questions regarding the Rules should be directed to nacho_cheese by private message. Please note that while all comments will be considered, not all inquiries will be answered.


<b>Prior vegetarian/nice_vegetarian Experience</b>:
<b>Prior LJ Comm Moderation/Ownership Experience</b>:
<b>Are you vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, or somewhere in between?</b>:
<b>What can you offer to this community?</b>:
<b>Additional Info</b>:

Good luck, and happy voting! :)
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