Nacho Cheese (nacho_cheese) wrote in vegetarianmods,
Nacho Cheese

Warning to dirtyrich09 and hypnotica_chik

Y'all kept me busy this morning!

Warning issued to dirtyrich09 for a personal attack on a fellow member ("but you are seriously retarded"). Also, a butt-ton of freezing because people just need to step back and breathe. Everyone.

Warning also issued to hypnotica_chik for an attack on a certain audience ("They're all self-righteous, arrogant fuckwads").

No warning issued, but sexist or otherwise derogatory comments such as those by happytree ("Calm your ovaries"), even if not directed as a personal attack, will not be tolerated. Another transgression and I'll implement a warning.

As noted and as I'll reiterate here, we appreciate healthy debate and even some hyperbole in vegetarian discussions, but we do not tolerate name-calling and other personal attacks. Especially when inflammatory language is used.

I am continuing to go through and watch this post; if you have any questions or concerns, you may bring them up in the comments.
Tags: vegetarian - warnings

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