Nacho Cheese (nacho_cheese) wrote in vegetarianmods,
Nacho Cheese

EdenSoy soy milk giveaway?

I'll be posting a giveaway soon on my blog, The Coexist Cafe, and wanted to know if it was kosher to post in both vegetarian and nice_vegetarian. I mean, duh, I'm mod/maintainer for both, but I really wanted to get some outside opinions before just jumping into it.

The contest involves people subscribing to my blog via the blog itself, Twitter, and Facebook, and requires each entrant to state their favorite brand of EdenSoy (or any other soy) milk. The prize is a four-pack of full-size EdenSoy milk products: Regular, combo rice and soy, chocolate, and vanilla. I might also throw in a few coupons for Quorn products, though I'm considering a separate giveaway for that.

So... y'all cool with that? :)
Tags: nice_vegetarian - community member quest, vegetarian - community member question/i

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