Hard Knocks and Pop Rocks (hallwayjulie) wrote in vegetarianmods,
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In this post, you direct us here with any issues. Personally, I do have an issue with posts like this being allowed through for discussion in a vegetarian community. I understand and appreciate that pescetarians are welcome in these communities. However, I don't feel that welcoming them into discussions about vegetarianism should translate into allowing posts about eating amphibians and reptiles. This should not be a question posed to members of a community that is specifically designed for people committed to eliminating animals from their diets.

I feel that some of this may trace back to the unilateral moderating that is occurring in vegetarian and nice_vegetarian right now. In this post, you asked for suggestions/nominations for additional moderators. It's been over a month now and there hasn't been any follow-up. I just want to express how important I think it is to have varying viewpoints overseeing the community, and the ability to collaborate on what may and may not be appropriate for discussion in these communities. Whether the co-mods are vegan or vegetarian doesn't matter - I just think it's so important in a community like vegetarian with 6700+ members (and even in smaller communities like nice_vegetarian) to make sure the moderation accurately represents the diversity in the community, so that the mods can provide a sounding board for each other on issues like this.

Thanks - I hope that we can have a constructive discussion on this :)

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