Nacho Cheese (nacho_cheese) wrote in vegetarianmods,
Nacho Cheese

Banning of all members of the community, nice_moderating

Banning issued to the following users for their participation in a community, nice_moderating, meant only to belittle the maintainers and members of vegetarian and nice_vegetarian:

bitspike, blueheron, kittehcat, hajari_, hypomanic_poet, jesskathand, joshthevegan, laceyslostlove, lavajin, liadlaith , new_perestroika, scotophobic, socraticomatic, spyral_path, veganjill, vol_de_cleyre, _melodic_, arclight, br0ken_dolly, nerglish. Banning already issued to xvx_dagda_xvx.

This list is subject to change should more members join the offending community.

This is very similar to the banning instance that occurred for people formerly involved with the now-defunct community nicer_vegetaria and the vegan takeover from July 2009. If you are unfamiliar with this takeover, please visit these three threads for more information.

As noted in the sticky for vegetarianmods, "Warnings and bannings that occur in each community will count for both communities, i.e. a warning in vegetarian will count as one both in that community and in nice_vegetarian. Once three warnings are given, regardless of the community in which they are given, it will result in a ban from both communities." Therefore, a ban has been put in place for the users mentioned above for both communities.

Any questions or concerns, please address them here. Thanks!
Tags: nice_vegetarian - bannings, vegetarian - bannings

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