Nacho Cheese (nacho_cheese) wrote in vegetarianmods,
Nacho Cheese

Banning of xvx_dagda_xvx

Banning issued to xvx_dagda_xvx for ban evasion under hir former username, dagda_ollathir.

As noted in the sticky for vegetarianmods, "Warnings and bannings that occur in each community will count for both communities, i.e. a warning in vegetarian will count as one both in that community and in nice_vegetarian. Once three warnings are given, regardless of the community in which they are given, it will result in a ban from both communities."

As dagda_ollathir has previously been banned in nice_vegetarian, a ban has been instated for hir new username, xvx_dagda_xvx, for both communities.

Any questions, concerns, or requests from this user for a lift on these bans, please address them here. Thanks!
Tags: nice_vegetarian - bannings, vegetarian - bannings

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