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Hey guys!
Glad to have some new mods! I recall a very long time ago that all members of the vegetarian were blocked as there was some sort of vegan takeover (way over dramatic if I recall). At that time I was blocked from the community and so I joined nice_vegetarian. I have been active in LJ again recently and really loved participating in the original community (the nice veggie com is in fact nice, but not as active). Any way I could gain re-entry? I had done nothing to warrant being banned at the time, and such was the story for many of those who were. Sorry this is so late in asking, but I figure now was my chance! Thanks!
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Application for new owners and moderators of vegetarian and nice_vegetarian!

Hey, everyone!

I'm so glad to see the camaraderie, community, delicious tips and recipes, and general friendliness going on in both vegetarian and nice_vegetarian... which is why it makes me sad to say that I'm stepping down from my moderator/ownership positions in both communities. Life offline has just been picking up faster than I can handle, so I need people to take over and do the grunt work. :)

Here's how it's gonna work:

Below is an application for ownership/moderatorship. In the subject line of your comment, please indicate which community and what position you'd like (i.e. "nice_vegetarian, moderator"). (If you have no preference, "Any, Any".) In the body of your comment, paste and fill out the application.

You may vote on anyone's application once it has been posted. To do so, simply reply to that person's comment and let us know why you recommend them for the community/position. Protip: While helpful for determining an owner/moderator, it will not be the main factor in the final decision.

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<b>Prior vegetarian/nice_vegetarian Experience</b>:
<b>Prior LJ Comm Moderation/Ownership Experience</b>:
<b>Are you vegetarian, vegan, omnivore, or somewhere in between?</b>:
<b>What can you offer to this community?</b>:
<b>Additional Info</b>:

Good luck, and happy voting! :)

Warning to dirtyrich09 and hypnotica_chik

Y'all kept me busy this morning!

Warning issued to dirtyrich09 for a personal attack on a fellow member ("but you are seriously retarded"). Also, a butt-ton of freezing because people just need to step back and breathe. Everyone.

Warning also issued to hypnotica_chik for an attack on a certain audience ("They're all self-righteous, arrogant fuckwads").

No warning issued, but sexist or otherwise derogatory comments such as those by happytree ("Calm your ovaries"), even if not directed as a personal attack, will not be tolerated. Another transgression and I'll implement a warning.

As noted and as I'll reiterate here, we appreciate healthy debate and even some hyperbole in vegetarian discussions, but we do not tolerate name-calling and other personal attacks. Especially when inflammatory language is used.

I am continuing to go through and watch this post; if you have any questions or concerns, you may bring them up in the comments.
100% vegetarian

Add Me Veg - Community Promotion Request

(Community promotion Request)
If denied, or even if not denied it is possible addmeveg be added to the list of communities on vegetarian profile page? Of course would reciprocate.


Add Me Community for Vegetarians, Vegans and Interested Omnivores!

I love my omnivore friends, but sometimes its nice to chat with a fellow veg*n, swap recipes, discuss dinner ideas, and share ideals about animal welfare and animal protection and for the love of all that is good, not have to explain yourself about your dietary choices (unless you wish to). Interested omnivores are allowed in too!
Perhaps your girlfriend/boyfriend/friend/family member is vegetarian/vegan and you'd like another veggie perspective despite being omnivore yourself? You are most welcome here!
Live and Let Live.

EdenSoy soy milk giveaway?

I'll be posting a giveaway soon on my blog, The Coexist Cafe, and wanted to know if it was kosher to post in both vegetarian and nice_vegetarian. I mean, duh, I'm mod/maintainer for both, but I really wanted to get some outside opinions before just jumping into it.

The contest involves people subscribing to my blog via the blog itself, Twitter, and Facebook, and requires each entrant to state their favorite brand of EdenSoy (or any other soy) milk. The prize is a four-pack of full-size EdenSoy milk products: Regular, combo rice and soy, chocolate, and vanilla. I might also throw in a few coupons for Quorn products, though I'm considering a separate giveaway for that.

So... y'all cool with that? :)

Warning to devilzfood

Warning issued to candysandwich for a personal attack against another user. nice_vegetarian is a community meant to build positive relationships with those of all different dietary backgrounds and ways in which others come to veg*nism. Objecting PETA is not at all elitist, and is simply another view in the .

As stated in the warning, personal attacks are not tolerated in the community. It is a place for friendly discourse and tolerance toward other points of view, including an objection against PETA or other organizations.. Crossing into territory that may be deemed combative, debating, or a personal attack will result in a warning and, after three strikes, a ban from the community.

Thank you!
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Posting topics

In this post, you direct us here with any issues. Personally, I do have an issue with posts like this being allowed through for discussion in a vegetarian community. I understand and appreciate that pescetarians are welcome in these communities. However, I don't feel that welcoming them into discussions about vegetarianism should translate into allowing posts about eating amphibians and reptiles. This should not be a question posed to members of a community that is specifically designed for people committed to eliminating animals from their diets.

I feel that some of this may trace back to the unilateral moderating that is occurring in vegetarian and nice_vegetarian right now. In this post, you asked for suggestions/nominations for additional moderators. It's been over a month now and there hasn't been any follow-up. I just want to express how important I think it is to have varying viewpoints overseeing the community, and the ability to collaborate on what may and may not be appropriate for discussion in these communities. Whether the co-mods are vegan or vegetarian doesn't matter - I just think it's so important in a community like vegetarian with 6700+ members (and even in smaller communities like nice_vegetarian) to make sure the moderation accurately represents the diversity in the community, so that the mods can provide a sounding board for each other on issues like this.

Thanks - I hope that we can have a constructive discussion on this :)