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Mod Comm for Vegetarian and Nice_Vegetarian
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Welcome to vegetarianmods! This community is used for the maintainers/moderators of both vegetarian and nice_vegetarian.

BY BECOMING A MEMBER OF EITHER vegetarian OR nice_vegetarian, YOU ARE STATING THAT YOU HAVE READ AND AGREED TO ADHERE TO THE COMMUNITY'S RULES. Before you become an active member within either community, please make sure you have read and understand all of the community's policies.

If you happen to observe anything that appears to be a violation of the rules, please get in touch with a moderator right away. They may be reached here; simply make a post with your inquiry or concern. Alternately, you may also PM the mods.

Warnings and bannings that occur in each community will count for both communities, i.e. a warning in vegetarian will count as one both in that community and in nice_vegetarian. Once three warnings are given, regardless of the community in which they are given, it will result in a ban from both communities.

If you are a member of vegetarian or nice_vegetarian and you are posting here with a question, we would prefer it if your post was unlocked. This is not a requirement, simply a preference. If your post is referenced in the future and it is locked, it will be requested that you unlock your post so other members may view it.

Your friendly neighborhood mods are:
mahasin, co-maintainer of nice_vegetarian
chimpee, co-maintainer of nice_vegetarian
halcyonlove, maintainer of vegetarian
megamuphen, moderator of vegetarian
1st-Sep-2010 12:38 am - Posting topics
never forget
In this post, you direct us here with any issues. Personally, I do have an issue with posts like this being allowed through for discussion in a vegetarian community. I understand and appreciate that pescetarians are welcome in these communities. However, I don't feel that welcoming them into discussions about vegetarianism should translate into allowing posts about eating amphibians and reptiles. This should not be a question posed to members of a community that is specifically designed for people committed to eliminating animals from their diets.

I feel that some of this may trace back to the unilateral moderating that is occurring in vegetarian and nice_vegetarian right now. In this post, you asked for suggestions/nominations for additional moderators. It's been over a month now and there hasn't been any follow-up. I just want to express how important I think it is to have varying viewpoints overseeing the community, and the ability to collaborate on what may and may not be appropriate for discussion in these communities. Whether the co-mods are vegan or vegetarian doesn't matter - I just think it's so important in a community like vegetarian with 6700+ members (and even in smaller communities like nice_vegetarian) to make sure the moderation accurately represents the diversity in the community, so that the mods can provide a sounding board for each other on issues like this.

Thanks - I hope that we can have a constructive discussion on this :)
Hi there, everyone! Thanks for coming over.

You might have noticed a couple things going on this week. First, we have unfortunately lost one of moderators, kebe, to journal deletion. I'm not sure where she went or when she will return, but fact of the matter is, I am now left with two huge communities to moderate, and no help! I'd like for you all to start thinking of people you'd like to nominate as moderators of either (or both) vegetarian or nice_vegetarian. I will be taking suggestions in the comments (and yes, you may nominate yourself, if you wish!), and hope to have a new moderator selected by the end of this week.

Second, we've had a huge case of tag abuse occurring in both communities, which has left practically all tags being used in entries several pages back. As a result, I've had to delete and restore all comments to both communities and allow only maintainers and the original poster rights to add tags to an entry. A pro to this: Being able to organize all the tags! A negative: Well, all tags have been deleted in both communities. I will be going through entries as far back as feasible to get entries tagged appropriately, but if you're so inclined to tag your own entries, you are more than welcome to.

Any suggestions, comments, and so forth regarding this recent mod note should be put here. Per community default, all comments will be screened, including votes for new moderators. I might not be able to reply to all of them, but I assure you, I'll be reading! :)

Thank you all!
- Nacho
Banning issued to the following users for their participation in a community, nice_moderating, meant only to belittle the maintainers and members of vegetarian and nice_vegetarian:

Banned users.Collapse )

This list is subject to change should more members join the offending community.

This is very similar to the banning instance that occurred for people formerly involved with the now-defunct community nicer_vegetaria and the vegan takeover from July 2009. If you are unfamiliar with this takeover, please visit these three threads for more information.

As noted in the sticky for vegetarianmods, "Warnings and bannings that occur in each community will count for both communities, i.e. a warning in vegetarian will count as one both in that community and in nice_vegetarian. Once three warnings are given, regardless of the community in which they are given, it will result in a ban from both communities." Therefore, a ban has been put in place for the users mentioned above for both communities.

Any questions or concerns, please address them here. Thanks!
21st-Jul-2010 03:49 pm - Banning of xvx_dagda_xvx
Banning issued to xvx_dagda_xvx for ban evasion under hir former username, dagda_ollathir.

As noted in the sticky for vegetarianmods, "Warnings and bannings that occur in each community will count for both communities, i.e. a warning in vegetarian will count as one both in that community and in nice_vegetarian. Once three warnings are given, regardless of the community in which they are given, it will result in a ban from both communities."

As dagda_ollathir has previously been banned in nice_vegetarian, a ban has been instated for hir new username, xvx_dagda_xvx, for both communities.

Any questions, concerns, or requests from this user for a lift on these bans, please address them here. Thanks!
Hello, all members from nice_vegetarian and vegetarian!

I apologize for my lack of participation this weekend. I was traveling for some wedding preparation and my bridal shower! It was a wonderful time, but I know this also means that I haven't been around to answer any queries, respond to very many PMs, or really see what was going on in the two communities. However, my co-mod, kebe has really been holding up the fort, and she's done a fantastic job! ::huge round o' applause to kebe:: :)

I'm obviously back, and have seen a lot of wonderful conversations going on in both communities! I've been very surprised by the awesome discourse that's been going on, and really want to thank every one of you for your civil conversations, respect toward one another, and in general, all your participation. After all, you are what makes nice_vegetarian and vegetarian such awesome communities!

There have also been some changes while I've been gone. A few warnings and bannings have occurred, all of which I agree with, which I expected after being featured in the Spotlight. (Whew, what a crazy time that was!) vegetarian had a history about a year ago with some people coming over to cause trouble, but that's been nipped in the bud. Unfortunately, many of you had to deal with that this past week in nice_vegetarian, too, and for that, I apologize. Many of the issues have been taken care of, and I can definitely see that the communities are thriving!

Of course, this also raises very many questions and concerns from some members, so I welcome you all to leave any comments here with anything you want to say about how the communities are being run. A bit of a "suggestion box," I guess you could say. I've been fielding many PMs and so forth, as I've mentioned above, and I will try to get to them as quickly as possible (after all, I do still have work to worry about!), but in the meantime, you're more than welcome to leave a note here!

Per community default, any comments made here are screened (and, unless I reply, will not be unscreened). I might not be able to reply to all of them, but I assure you, we'll be reading! :)

Thanks again, and I'm glad to be back! Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. :)
Iwillcomeagain, warning 1, in nice_veg. warned by kebe.

Link to comment and subsequent warning: http://community.livejournal.co

Warned for not upholding community standards of behavior and unkindly criticizing beliefs/efforts of other community members. ("its ridiculous, for fucking candy, haha, its hard not to be snarky about this")

this post is open to all for viewing.
14th-Jul-2010 03:55 pm - Several bannings and warnings.
Warnings: speciesofspaces, rebirthoxide

Bannings: socraticomatic, mangiati_vivi

(original post by kebe)

Warnings given:

SpeciesofSpaces  for a comment attacking dietary choices/relation to intelligence

Socraticomatic: Rude and uncivil behavior.
Edit: This is Socraticomatic's third warning, hence banning.

Rebirthoxide: rude and uncivil behavior


Mangiati_vivi: for this whole thread.  Uncivil behavior, name calling. 
as well as: http://community.livejournal.com/vegetarian/4443855.html?thread=64305359#t64305359 for more of the same offenses.

Threads have been frozen, Mangiati and Socraticomatic will be banned once this writeup is posted.

Everyone should reread the userinfo, especially the sections on civil behavior.

Thanks guys!

Love, Kebe.

One warning issued to Rebirthoxide for snarkiness. Hey, if you want to be warned, you can be warned.

The thread was completely within bounds and providing a good discussion, but people who are unable to contribute their comments without relentless snarkiness or critique of the modding system here are just trying to stir up trouble and will be warned. If there are legitimate questions about modding, they can be addressed here, at the mod community, not in productive discussions about vegetarian issues.

Warning issued to _orz for a comment that may be construed as a personal attack and that was potentially arrogant. While debate is okay and even encouraged in vegetarian , being rude in an attempt to prove one's superior knowledge in a specific area is not.

Also, while not warned directly, an eye will be kept on hallwayjulie for similar reasons.

Any questions or concerns, please address them here. Thanks!
14th-Jul-2010 03:42 pm - Warning to topograficocean

Warning issued to topograficocean for a comment that may be construed as a personal attack. While healthy debate is okay and even encouraged in vegetarian, personal attacks are not.

While everyone could benefit from watching their tempers and reading carefully, topograficocean's comment was considered especially warning-worthy due to its tone and lack of respect. And yeah, I went through all of the comments. (Dude, what a task! Interesting conversations, though.)

As always, please treat your fellow members of vegetarian with respect. Any questions regarding the freezing of this thread, and anything else related to the original post, may be directed here. Comments will be screened.

Thank you!
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